User Guide


Secret Santa Main ScreenThis application consists of three main sections. These are:

  1. A list of “Secret Santa” groups. You need at least one of these to use the software. It is used to define the properties of the Secret “Santa”.

  2. A list of people who are taking part in the “Secret Santa”. Each Secret Santa has its own self contained list of people.

  3. Message. These are the messages that can be sent to the people taking part in the Secret Santa. Standard templates are provided for these messages which allow properties of the Secret Santa or the people taking part to be automatically inserted into the text. Messages can be sent either by email or SMS.

There are a number of methods of navigation and getting to the various editors for the different parts of the system.

In some cases there are dedicated button for an appropriate function. Alternatively pressing the menu button on the phone will bring up context sensitive menus. Finally holding your finger on a particular Secret Santa or person will bring up a pop-up menu that's context is aimed at the particular Secret Santa or Person.