Update history

18th June 2013 Version 2.1

Added an additional feature and corrected the contact email address.

  1. Added the actual time of the timecode value to the top of the timecode property pop-up window.
  2. Added the actual time of playback of the current number of frames when played back at different frame rates to the top of the timecode property pop-up window.
  3. Corrected the contact email address in the About section.

16th November 2012 Version 2.0

This is not a major upgrade but corrects a serious error with the way that non drop frame timecodes are calculated. A new timecode display mode is also introduced.

  1. The calculations relating to the non drop frame rates where the frame rate is not an integer was incorrect. This has been fixed.
  2. A new "Time" mode has been added to each timecode display in addition to "Timecode", "Frames" and "Seconds". This displayes the time value as hours, minutes, seconds and 100ths of a second. This display format is particularly useful with the non drop frame modes where the timecode is not real time.
  3. In conjunction with item 2): Added new calculator preferences: "Timecode as seconds" and "Timecode as time" used to define if the timecode value can be toggled to display the seconds or time value as appropriate.
  4. "Autocorrect drop frame\" preference moved to "Calculation Settings" section.
  5. Application can now be moved to SD card.
  6. Added "Updates" tab to About pages to display this information.
  7. "23.98 NDF" frame rate renamed to "23.976 NDF" to more accuratly describe it.

5th December 2011.

Version 1.0: Initial release of the application.