Calculator display mode keys

To the left of each of the three timecode displays there is a button key. This indicates the format of what the display is showing. Pressing it can toggle the associated display between Timecode, Frames,Seconds and Time.

  • Timecode displays the timecode value in it's traditional hours, minutes, seconds and frames fields.
  • Frames displays the integer frame count.
  • Seconds, is the floating point number of seconds (non-editable).
  • Time displays the actual time as hours, minutes and seconds to 100th of a second.

Note that when displaying frames this is the frame count or frame label starting with 0, not necessarily the number of frames which could be one greater. This is because the first frame is frame 0 not 1.

When displaying Seconds you can't edit the value. None of the number keys or backspace keys operate in this mode. If you have either of the auto correct preferences disable, however, this mode will demonstrate the action of the Correction Key. You will be able to see any changes to the value of seconds as the frame value is normalised.

Both the Seconds and Time modes can be dis-abled using the application settings preferences.

At times this key also displays an additional label Value. This can only occur on the second or third keys and indicates that the display is showing an floating point value and not a timecode at all. This occurs during the mathematical functions of multiplication and division. You can not select this format by pressing the key itself.

It does not make much sense to multiply two timecode together, but you may want to multiply a single time code by some number. Similarly for division, you may want to divide a timecode by a number to get a timecode, or alternatively divide a timecode by another timecode to see how many times it fits into the other. In either case either one of the operands or the result will be a number not a timecode. You can toggle between the two options for division by repeating presses of the divide key.