Secret Santas

Secret Santa

Secret Santa Main ScreenEach “Secret Santa” is used to define a single group of people taking part in a single Secret Santa.

The editor consists of 4 tabs. The first labelled “Basics” allows for the naming of the Secret Santa and the configuration of the administrator.

One person, probably the user of the android device, is the administrator of the Secret Santa. They need to supply both a name and email address. When setting up a new Secret Santa, they can choose to include themselves in the list of participants. The email address is used when sending messages.

The second tab is labelled “Budget” to allow a maximum and minimum budget figures to be set up.

If not required, set to 0 and the default text “left up to you” will be used in the message templates.

Two “dates” can be configured in the “Dates” tab. The “Deadline” is intended to be used for letting the participants know when they should have their gift ready and wrapped.

The “End” date is for the date, time and location of the gift giving.

The final tab “Gifts” allows the Secret Santa to be configured in one of two ways. Either each person is randomly assigned the name of a person to whom they will be giving the gift. In this way they can choose to supply a gift tailored to that person. Alternatively, the gifts can be assigned anonymously. Each person will be told their number (the number of the gift they will be given) and the number to be written on the gift they will be giving.