The Participants (or People)

This section is simply a list of the people taking part in the current Secret Santa. You can add, edit or delete people from this list. The only information required for each person is their name and optionally their email address and/or there SMS telephone number. The later are required if you intend to use the application to send emails or SMS messages to that person to let them know the status of the Secret Santa and to inform them what their gift assignment is. Either the name of the person they will be giving their gift to, or the number of the gift they will be receiving.

This section also includes the ability to assign the gifts or “do the draw”. Once the gifts have been assigned, you can no longer add or delete people from the Secret Santa as doing so will make the draw invalid. If you do need to add or delete people, you can unassign the gifts, do any changes as required and then reassign the gifts with the modified list of people.