The Ov - Ins key

Calculator Insert KeyWhen editing Timecode values, you can either be in Insert or Overwrite mode. This state is determined by the Ov - Ins key. It will display Ov when in overwrite mode and Ins when in Insert mode. This button works as toggle on/off button. To further distinguish the mode, the Ins is show in red and the Ov in black.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When editing the frame values, or when editing multiplication or division values editing is ALWAYS in insert mode.

When in Overwrite mode, pressing a number key will replace the number at the current cursor position with the number pressed. The cursor will then move to the next number to the right unless it is already fully to the right.

When in Insert mode, pressing a number will move all the numbers from the current cursor position to the left hand most number one number to the left. The pressed number will then be inserted at the current cursor position. The cursor will remain at its current position. When editing timecode values which have a fixed number of numbers, the left hand most number will be lost.