Numbers 0..9 and 00.

Number Keys imageAs you might expect, the number keys are used for entering the timecode and value numbers. When displaying timecode, you do not have to enter the separators between the number fields, this is done automatically. Pressing a number will simply make it appear on the appropriate display at the cursor position. An alternative use for the numbers 0 to 9 is in conjunction with the MS and MR buttons discussed in the next section. The last number key marked as 00. has a dual role. When entering a direct timecode, pressing the 00 resets the field the cursor is on to 0. This is just a short cut to save having to enter 0 twice. The alternative use of this button is when entering a value for multiplication or division. In this case the key is used for entering the decimal point in the number. When editing a frame value, this key is not used.

Note that you can not edit a timecode value when it is being displayed in Seconds format.