Secret Santa Messaging ScreenThis is the most complex part the of application.

Here is provided the ability to load a number of supplied template messages to help with communicating with the people participating in the Secret Santa. A number of pre-configured templates are provided (listed in red). These can either be used as is, or can be tailored to your own circumstances.

Some filtering takes place with these templates. For example, if the gifts have not yet been assigned, the templates that require this will not be available.

You can edit these templates and then save them to either the devices internal memory or to the “external” SD memory card. Once saved the template is shown in the list in black. These templates can also be deleted whereas the supplied templates can not.

Templates can either be personalised, where by each individual will get a message containing their own name and optionally their gift assignment details, or can be general where everyone gets the same message.

The following special codes in a template will be used to substitute in to the final text either information about the Secret Santa or the person.

SECRET SANTA codes and their replacement values taken from the selected Secret Santa:

<MIN-BUDGET> - The value of the minimum budget value customised for the local currency.

<MAX-BUDGET> - As above, but the maximum budget value.

<DEADLINE> - The deadline text value.

<END> - The end text value.

<ADMIN> - The name of the administrator.

PERSONALISED values taken from the person to whom the message is sent:

<NAME> - The name of the person .

Templates including the following personalised values will only be made available if the gift assignment draw has taken place for that selected Secret Santa.

<RECIPIENT> - The name of the person to whom a gift is to be given. Templates including this will only be made available with Secret Santa's that have selected to give gifts to know recipients.

Templates including the following personalised values will in addition only be made available with Secret Santa's that have been configured to allocate gifts to unknown recipients.

<GIFT-NUM> - The number to be written on a gift.

<YOUR-NUM> - The number of the gift that the person will be receiving.


When sending email, there are two options available which can be configured in the Settings screen available via the menu options. The default \"Direct\" method uses a built in email client to send the emails. This requires that an SMTP server is configured correctly for this. This requires an SMTP server name together with your login user name and password.\n

Alternatively, you can use one of the email client applications supplied with the Android system. However, with this option you will need to manually send each email generated.

Please note that if you enable the SMS option the application may send out a number of SMS text messages. Your service provider may charge you for these messages.


A list of people in the Secret Santa is used to enable each person to be included or excluded from being send a particular message, and the messages can be either send as emails, or as SMS text messages. Choices can also be made to send emails to all those with valid email addresses and as an SMS text to those without and with a valid telephone number or visa versa.

Once a person has been send an email or text, trying to send a message to the same person will fail unless the message status is cleared using the menu option of the messaging screen is again selected from the main Secret Santa page.