Memory Store/Recall

There are two memory control buttons:

Calculator Memory KeysMS which stands for Memory Store and MR which is Memory Recall.

This allow you to store or recall values into any of the 10 memory slots. The operation of these is fairly simple. Pressing MS followed by a number 0 to 9 will store the value of the current operator into the appropriate memory slot. The converse is also true. To recall a memory, pressing MR followed by a number 0 to 9 will recall the saved value into the current operator.

Calculator Memory Save ScreenCalculator Memory Recall ScreebIf you can't remember what is stored in what slot, pressing either MS or MR twice will bring up a pop-up screen that shows the current 10 saved values. Selecting the chosen value will either save or recall the number as if a number key were pressed as appropriate. Pressing the devices “Back” key at this time will hide the pop-up without saving or recalling any values.