Function Keys

Calculator Function KeysThe function keys consist of the normal four mathematical function of add, subtract, multiply and divide together with the = key.

As there are already two displayed operands these keys operate slightly differently when compared with a normal calculator.

To add the two operands you can simply press the + key followed by the = key. Alternatively, as the addition mode is still in operation (the key icon turns red) you can still change either of the operands before pressing the = key.

The subtraction key works in a similar way.

The multiplication key works slightly differently, more like a traditional calculator. When pressed, the 2nd operand changes mode into a floating point number entry. This allow you to enter the floating point value that will be used to multiply the first operand timecode value. When the = key is pressed the result is displayed as a timecode value.

The division key is again slightly different. You may want to divide a timecode by a value to determine how long each resulting timecode will be. In this case you will divide a timecode by a floating point number and give the result as a timecode. For example how long is 1 hour 17 minutes divided into 23.5 pieces.

An alternative would be to determine how many times a timecode can be divided by another timecode. For example how many 1 minute 23 second intervals fit into an hour and 17 minutes. The divide key supports both of these. Either the second operand or the result will be a timecode with the other a floating point value. Repeatedly pressing the divide key toggles between the two. Pressing the = key then does the appropriate calculation.

The = key has one other function. After a calculation, a long press on the equals key will swap the result and operand 1. This can be used for two purposes. It allow for further calculations on the result and also allows the Correction Key to be used on the result of a calculation if the calculator preference that automatically normalises or round results is disabled.