The Correction Key

Correction Key ImageIt is very easy to enter incorrect timecode values. This is because the different fields of the timecode value each have different requirements. Some of these are obvious. For example the minutes field should be in the range 0 to 59. The calculator knows what values are valid for each field and if an invalid entry is made, the display turns red. However, the correction key allows you to correct these entries. You could, for example, enter 90 minutes into the minutes field and then press the correction key. The calculator will then “correct” the value to either + 1 hour 30 minutes, or round the number to 30 minutes. Which of these occurs depends on the “Carry Over Corrections” setting in the calculator configuration. (See “User Preference Setttings” section).

The Correction key can also be used to “Normalise” frame values after frame rate conversion has occurred. Converting from one frame rate to another does not always convert from one exact number of frames to another. Pressing the Correction key will convert the underlying data to an integer number of frames of the new frame rate.